Use escape to shield us from stresses

As human beings we use escape to shield us from stresses that gets forced upon us. Escape can be eloping, listening to music or reading a book. These things let us forget about the bad times and flee into a world where there are less problems. Just like how in the book, Anthem, the main character, Equality, escapes to a tunnel where he can learn new things and just like how in the movie, The Village, the new civilization escapes from the towns and lives in isolated peace. There is a strong resemblance between the book Anthem and the film The Village in how they both use escape to avoid the downfalls of society.
The book Anthem uses escape to avoid the downfalls of society. A big downfall of Equality's society is that learning more than what your teacher teaches is not allowed. One day while in the tunnel that E found, he discovers "We were cutting open the body of a dead frog when we saw its leg jerking. It was dead, yet it moved. Some power unknown to men was making it move" (Rand 52). This quote shows how there is a limitation of knowledge because this informationhad once been available but now Equality must figure it out himself. E is physically escaping the restrictions of society to increase his knowledge. Thus, Equality uses escape to avoid the downfalls of his society. Another downfall of E's society is that they do not allow new concepts. Once E escapes from the prison, he decides he will show his invention, a light box, to the World Council. The text says "‘This thing,' they said, ‘must be destroyed'" and "We swung our fist through the windowpane, and we leapt out in a ringing rain of glass" (Rand 74-75). These quotes reinforce that the Council did not agree with the invention that Equality had created. So, Equality escaped out of the window. This is anotherway the main character in the book Anthem uses escape to avoid the downfalls of society.
The movie The Village also uses escape to avoid the downfalls of society. In the film, a group of people form a civilization far from society. One character reveals, "Your father left for the market on a Tuesday, at a quarter past nine in the morning. He was found, robbed and naked, in the filthy river, two days later" (Shyamalan). This quote shows how the main society in the movie included terrible, murderous people. The civilization that is called "The Village" decided they did not want a downfall like this in their society so they escaped and created their own. Therefore, this shows how the movie The Village uses escape to avoid the downfalls of society. Likewise, a big downfall the society outside of the village has is money. In a conversation between Ivy and her dad, he states, "You do not know of money. It is not part of our life here. Money can be a wicked thing. It can turn men's hearts black. Good men's hearts" (Shyamalan). In this quote, money is portrayed as a great downfall. Ivy's father and many other elders knew about the dangers of money and escaped to a civilization that did not have it. Therefore, the movie The Village uses escape to avoid the downfalls of society.
Anthem and The Village are alike, but also, different. Both of them use downfalls as a reason for their characters to escape the society that they have already lived in. Another similarity is that they both go to new places that are isolated from other societies. One difference between The Village and Anthem is the type of society that they are leaving. In The Village, they are leaving a society where they usually care about themselves more than others and go into a society where there is more we. In Anthem, Equality is leaving a society of collectivists so he can create a society of individualists. For those reasons, Anthem and The Village are similar and different.
When Equality and the people in the movie The Village felt threatened by the downfalls of their society, they turned to evasion. Anthem uses escape to get away from the limitations of knowledge and the rejection of new concepts. The Village uses escape to stay away from the danger of people from the rest of society and the wickedness of money. Anthem and The Village are similar in the reasons that they escape and different in the societies they create. There are many ways we as human beings can escape from the stress that is so heavily shed upon us. But we must be vigilant towards the downfalls our escapes bring along with them.
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